January 2020

 When Jesus taught the disciples to pray He spoke to the Father and said, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done."  However, as the world looks at the Church today they see a kingdom that is backwards in their view.  They want the Church to change the message of the Bible, to get with the times, and to be less abrasive.  Many believe that since the world has changed that the Church should change its message to conform with it.  But, God has called us to a kind of commitment that much of the world does not understand.  We have been called to be people of the kingdom.

People of the Kingdom

January 5, 2020
People of the Kingdom - Doug Bryan
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My Place in the Kingdom

January 12, 2020
My Place in the Kingdom - Jerry Snavely
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Like a Child in the Kingdom

January 19, 2020
Like a Child in the Kingdom - Andy Jesson
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More is Less

January 26, 2020
More is Less - Doug Bryan
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Others First

February 2, 2020
Others First - Doug Bryan
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