This has been an unusual and trying time for all of us.  Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, MGCC like many other churches discontinued all services because of a concern over everyone's safety.


Concerning the re-opening of our services, there are a wide variety of thoughts and all have valid concerns.  There are those who may feel that it is too soon to open our services and there are those who may feel that we should not have discontinued having worship services at all.

The Leadership Team here at MGCC met recently and decided that it is time to re-open our church services with a limited number of services.  So, starting Sunday, May 24, MGCC will be offering worship services at 9am and 10:30am.  We will continue to offer an online service at 10:30am via Facebook Live.

As the COVID-19 virus is still a great concern we will be taking several precautions.  Here are a list of the precautions we will be following:

ILLNESS: If you have been exposed to someone with the COVID-19 virus, or if you are feeling ill or have a fever, please remain at home.

SERVICES: We will be offering two identical worship services and an online service via Facebook live.  There will be no Sunday School classes, Life Groups, Kidmo, or Outcast meetings offered at this time.  By allowing half an hour between services, that should give us plenty of time for the early service to exit before people start coming for the second service.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: In order to maintain a certain level of social distancing, many things in our service will look different.  There will be fewer seats and they will be set up for a variety of different family sizes.  As the number of people increases in the services, we will add more services as necessary.

MASKS: We encourage visitors to wear masks if they have them, however, we are not requiring attendees to wear masks.

COMMUNION: Individually wrapped communion cups and bread will be available in the worship center.

BATHROOMS: We will be allowing only 1 person in the bathroom at a time (unless they are members of the same family.

SANITIZER: Hand sanitizer and Lysol spray will be available throughout the building.

NURSERY: We will not be offering a nursery at this time.  However, if a parent wishes to watch their child in the nursery they may do so.

We will continue to monitor the situation and make changes when we can in order to return to a more normal routine.  In the meantime, we realize that there are those who are not yet comfortable meeting together and there are some who are more susceptible to the virus due to age or other health concerns.  For those people, we encourage you to watch online, if possible.

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